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Laser Assisted Cold Spraying of IN718 for Structural Repairs

Something new for 2024 that may be of interest to all.

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Something new for 2024 that may be of interest to all.

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Materials Process Engineer Master’s Degree Apprenticeship 

Cranfield University 

ECHA Candidate List Updates January 2024 and Authorisations Granted


The next enrolment dates for all courses:-
Submit your applications by 24th May for start date 7th June 2024 and by Friday 23st August for start date 6th September 2024



Consultancy: Sustaining Member Services

The Institute of Materials Finishing is internationally recognised as the premiere source of expert knowledge on all aspects of metal finishing, coating and surface engineering technologies. Support services include:

  • Design advice for engineers and specifiers
  • Application of new technology
  • Independent technical support
  • Legislative and environmental guidance
  • Process improvement and troubleshooting
  • Product evaluation and testing
  • Coating supply chain support
  • Expert witness advice

Technical advice may attract funding from the Manufacturing Advisory Service, a support service provide by BIS. If your enquiry needs substantial time commitment, then please be aware of this intervention mechanism that may provide free advice and a solution to meet your needs. The Institute also has a project management group which can help coordinate support across a range of issues from industrial and academic sources.

Education & Training

Technical training and skills development are central to the Institute’s mission: 

 your workforce with focused training to meet your company needs    
 programmes to progress from Foundation to advanced levels.

Types of Membership

Support your industry through membership of the Institute. Join the professionals today! 

Since 1925, The Institute of Materials Finishing has been protecting and developing the professional standing of its members, driving up industry standards, improving skills and competence that reinforce sector credibility.   Membership brings many benefits, which include:

Individual Membership

Gain professional recognition

Networking opportunities

Individual training programmes

Sustaining Membership

Raise your company profile and expand your business 

Networking opportunities

In house and group training


For Technical enquiries, REACH issues and matters not covered by the above contact using:

For Membership enquiries, Education and Training issues and the submission of papers for Transactions please contact using:


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